Presenting the Gospel of Jesus Christ – Bringing Christian Hope to Telugu and Indian Communities
An Outreach to Indian Hindu-based Communities
Telugu Church of AmericaWelcome, and thanks for visiting our website!

Telugu Church of America is a ministry for the people of the Indian subcontinent. We invite you regardless of caste, region or religion to attend our Telugu worship services and prayer meetings. Our church is based in central New Jersey, where Indians live in great numbers. We have spirit filled worship, inspiring messages and gatherings for intercessory prayer. We invite you to come and be blessed.

Our Purpose:

To make fully committed disciples of Jesus Christ and to accept all previous walks of faith into Christianity.

Goals and Activities:

  • To reach people within and outside of our community
  • Allow people to come to Christ and be faithful believers in Him as our Lord and Savior
  • Fellowship and Prayer
  • Contribution to the community through prayer groups, outreach, and demonstrating the love of Christ

We look forward to serving you:

We share the message of Jesus Christ’s undying and unchanging love.We have the privilege and responsibility of teaching people how to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

We share the message of Jesus Christ’s undying and unchanging love.

To represent Him in our community in our jobs, schools, recreation and social activities.

We come together as a family every Sunday and celebrate our lives in Christ! We invite you to join us each Sunday to celebrate Christ our Savior and to celebrate His love with us.

Thank you and God bless!
Pastor Mohan R. Ponugubaty

How to find us:

Telugu Church of America
687 New Dover Rd
Edison, NJ 08820

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For Spiritual Help:

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